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Incident Reports, Arrests, Most Wanted and MORE Public Information




Incident Reports:

May 05 LCSO completed a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) report on a young person who reportedly had taken a large volume of pills.  CDES assisted, parents were involved in helping and the young person was counseled.  We are hopeful all is going well now.

May 08 LCSO received an autopsy report from the deputy coroner on a death this office investigated in Wheeling on or about February 07, 2022.  Our investigation is now closed as a suicide.

May 09 about 2:14 a.m. LCSO responded to and investigated a domestic disturbance in Utica.  Information was collected from all persons and the alleged victim declined any prosecution.  All people separated. 

May 09 LCSO investigated an unattended death at a residence in Avalon.  The preliminary investigation suggests the deceased elderly male passed from natural causes.  The LCSO was assisted by a deputy coroner, Chillicothe Emergency Services and a health nurse.

May 10 LCSO assisted Children's Division on an investigation at a residence in Utica.  Incident remains under investigation.  That case has since been completed and the report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for his consideration.

May 11 LCSO was summoned to a ball field in Dawn regarding property damage.  Unknown person(s) drove on the ball field trying to cut ruts. 

May 13 LCSO began investigation into theft of a Polaris RZR from a location south of Chillicothe.  A friend of the victim in this case happened to locate the same stolen RZR at a garage sale in Kansas within a short time frame and were able to recover the vehicle for the owner.  Investigation is continuing along with assistance from an out of state agency.

May 13 LCSO responded to a custody dispute in Utica.  The reported father of the children had not been involved in the children's lives for years and suddenly appeared demanding visitation when there was no established custody/visitation orders in family court.  Situation resolved.

May 14 LCSO responded to Hedrick Medical Center on a report of a dog bite victim needing care.  Incident report has been submitted to the Livingston County Health Center.


Most Wanted Updates:


May 11, authorities in St. Louis arrested Robyn Mariah Ann Gentry, 28, on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class E felony Non-Support.

May 14, Platte County authorities arrested Jared Lee Johnson, 33, on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged 2 counts Failure to Appear on class E felony Driving While Revoked/Suspended. 


May 18 Chase Jordan Fantazia, 31, Chillicothe for alleged Probation Violation on original class E felony Unlawful Use of a Weapon-Subsection 4- Exhibiting.  Bond set at $20,000 on case #19LV-CR00692-01.  Warrants lists alleged probation violation as condition #6 for Drugs, using methamphetamine and amphetamine.

May 18 Chamen Richard Bell, 36, Sumner for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on original class B felony Burglary-1st degree and class E felony Harassment-1st degree.  Bond set at $20,000 on case #21LV-CR00220-01.  LCSO Jail Management records show Mr. Bell was initially arrested and incarcerated on this charge May 03-10, 2021 and released on bond.  Then arrested for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on November 09, 2021 and released on bond January 28, 2022.  

May 18 an additional warrant was added for Adam Daniel Caudill, 35, Wheeling for alleged class E felony of Failure to Appear-Felony.  Bond denied by the Court on case #22LV-CR00264.

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Other Arrests:

May 06 about 2:31 p.m. a deputy arrested Kelli Lynn Summers, 42, Utica on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Probation Violation on original class D felony Possession of Controlled Substance.  Arrest warrant lists alleged probation violation(s) include violation of conditions #6 DRUGS, #11 for consuming alcohol and condition #11 for Failing to Submit to a Urine Analysis.  Bond set at $20,000.  Ms. Summers was transferred to DDRJ.

May 06 about 4:26 p.m. LCSO arrested Anthony James Brown, 47, Chillicothe on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class E felony Attempted Statutory Rape-2nd degree.  Mr. Brown was transferred to DDRJ in lieu of $20,000 bond.

May 14 at 8:25 p.m. LCSO made a vehicle stop on U.S. 65 at Calhoun Street on a person known to not have a driver's license and an active Brookfield Municipal arrest warrant.  Brandi Opal Peniston, 47, Chillicothe was arrested for alleged Operating a Motor Vehicle without a Valid Driver's License-3rd offense, Failure to Register Motor Vehicle Annually and on the Brookfield warrant for alleged failure to appear on a traffic citation.  Mr. Peniston posted the bond on the warrant and was processed at the Law Enforcement Center and released at her residence on the citations.

May 18 LCSO arrested Katie Vanhorn, 41, Chillicothe, on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Failure to Appear in Court on an original traffic turn signal violation.  Ms. Vanhorn was processed and posted bond at the Law Enforcement Center and was provided a new court date.



April 27 an incident where a vehicle was allegedly displaying emergency lights when not responding to an actual emergency resulted in the deputy issuing a citation.  The situation is being dealing with and a citation has been delivered to the driver for the incident.

May 11 at 5:10 a.m. a driver was cited for 85 in a 60 on U.S. 65 about 4 miles south of Chillicothe.

May 13 at 8:48 a.m. an Indiana driver was cited for 85 in a 65 on U.S. 36 at Route CC.  As the sheriff was attempting to get the pickup stopped a citizen called in a careless and imprudent complaint on the same Indiana vehicle.

May 15 a Chillicothe driver was cited for 87 in a 65 on U.S. 36 near Utica.

May 16 at 9:35 p.m. an Illinois driver was cited for 90 in a 65 on U.S. 36 near Chillicothe.

May 16 at 10:13 p.m. an Overland Park driver was cited for 83 in a 65 on U.S. 36 near Wheeling.


Additional Information:

On May 10 a MSHP Trooper checked a westbound Mercedes SUV on U.S. 36 in Livingston County at 163 MPH and the suspect vehicle continued west with the driver refusing to stop.  Various officers/agencies attempted to get into position to stop this vehicle but unfortunately it was not located.  If you have information on the person who obviously had no regard for anyone's safety by driving that fast, please call our office or the Missouri State Highway Patrol-Troop H in St. Joseph.

May 16 LCSO extradited Jared Lee Johnson, 33, from the Platte County Sheriff and was transferred to DDRJ.

May 17 LCSO extradited Robyn Mariah Ann Gentry, 28, from St. Louis and she was transferred to the Missouri Department of Corrections in Vandalia and will appear in Livingston County Court on felony Child Support warrant via WebEx.

May 17 Jennifer A. Hall, 41, was extradited from the Johnson County Kansas Sheriff and taken to DDRJ on Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Murder-1st degree.

LCSO is in process of extraditing Larry E. Shultz, 37, from the State of Pennsylvania on Livingston County arrest warrant #22LV-Cr00074-01 for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on original class D felony Burglary-2nd degree and class E felony Property Damage-1st degree.

May 18 LCSO has 11 detainees appear via WebEx in Associate Court Law Day.

May 18 at 11:30 a.m. LCSO has 40 people in custody.

LCSO has remained very busy with criminal investigations, fugitive investigations, assisting other agencies and bailiff duties for court.


Sheriff Steve Cox


NOTE:  All persons are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of Law.  An arrest, arrest warrant and/or pre-trial incarceration are merely allegations and nothing more.