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Excessive Speeder Arrested



Speed Kills


September 01 about 2:00 p.m. a deputy who was near Mooresville and transporting a detainee to Caldwell County radioed of a SUV traveling east on U.S. 36 at 96 mph in a 65.  Chief Deputy Claypole responded to U.S. 36 and just outside of Chillicothe checked the same vehicle only now it was traveling at 100 mph in a 65.

The vehicle was finally stopped and the four male occupants from Kansas City Kansas were traveling to Michigan.  The men did not understand the problem in driving so fast and thought they simply needed to apologize and drive on.  Time was spent explaining the problem, dangers and citation process for such a violation.  The computer system showed Mr. Nshizirungu having an outstanding non-extraditable arrest warrant was traffic offense in Kansas City.  Due to all the issues and the extreme speed Mr. Nshizirungu was arrested for the speeding violation and subsequently posted the $250 bond.

The driver and a passenger posting the bond never seemed to understand nor care they were endangering everyone on the roadway by continually driving so fast. 

When driving 100 miles per hour a vehicle is moving 146.667 feet per second.  Imagine the energy transfer if that vehicle were involved in a collision.  There is no room for dangerous driving on our roadways.


Sheriff Steve Cox


NOTE:  All persons are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of law.