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Crime Victim Holds Suspect at Gun Point



October 03 about 4:36 a.m. Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) was notified of people stealing the victim's 1991 Aerostar van from private property in the 9000 block of Highway 190.  LCSO soon learned the property owner was now holding a person at gun point who was illegally on the property and believed to have been involved with the vehicle theft.

John Andrew Orton, 34, Fulton, was taken into custody by LCSO.  Mr. Orton claimed to have a flat tire and pulled onto the property and initially refused to identify who was with him that allegedly stolen the van.  Further investigation shows Mr. Orton's vehicle contained several stolen items owned by the victim of the auto theft.  Additional evidence stolen from the property owner was also located near the vehicle with the "flat tire".  Mr. Orton claims all the property in the vehicle is his and not the crime victims.  LCSO has processed a building on the property which was burglarized during this incident.  The van and other contents have not yet been recovered but suspected to have gone to the St. Joseph area. 

Mr. Orton is shown to be on parole in Missouri for felony Drug Violation and Resisting Arrest.  Mr. Orton was incarcerated in the Caldwell County Jail has since been charged in Livingston County Associate Court with alleged Burglary-2nd degree and Tampering with Motor Vehicle.  Mr. Orton remains incarcerated in lieu of bond.

LCSO is continuing with this investigation and talking with multiple agencies around Missouri.  We are working to identify and potentially clear other crimes both in Livingston County and elsewhere, in addition to identify and charge the other person(s) who had allegedly been with Mr. Orton that early morning. 

We are always glad to see lawful citizens who believe in the 2nd Amendment and are willing to protect their families.  This was a great example of a lawful citizen doing what was right and helping solve this and potentially various other crimes with minimal force used.  


Sheriff Steve Cox

Note:  All people are innocent unless and until proven guilty in a Court of Law.  An arrest, arrest warrant and/or incarceration is merely an allegation and nothing more.