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Law Enforcement Academy Scholarships



This scholarship information is from Missouri Governor Mike Parson to help get more people involved in Law Enforcement. 

The LCSO is working with the Missouri Sheriffs' Association to have a part-time academy here beginning in January 2023.  Cut off for applications for this specific academy is December 15, 2022.   See for more information on enrolling in this academy.

Use this web address to view/apply for the scholarship information:

The Missouri Blue Scholarship is a law enforcement basic training academy scholarship that makes $5,000
available for each selected non-sponsored* law enforcement academy recruit to help cover the cost of
attending a Missouri basic training academy. The law enforcement academy recruit must apply for the
scholarship before enrolling in an academy (or before graduation if scholarship funds are still available).
*A non-sponsored law enforcement academy recruit is one whose tuition is not being paid by a law
enforcement agency. Recruits who attend an academy affiliated with a law enforcement agency and do not
pay tuition are not eligible for this scholarship.
Governor Mike Parson included, and the Missouri General Assembly approved, a total of $1 million in Missouri
Blue Scholarship funding in the Fiscal Year 2022-23 budget.
The $5,000 scholarship is paid directly to the law enforcement academy.
Missouri Blue Scholarships are awarded first come, first served.
Must be a Missouri resident.
Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.
Must be a U.S. citizen.
Must be 21 or older on date recruit takes the Missouri POST license examination.
Missouri Blue Scholarship recipients' training academy class must begin by June 1, 2023.


Sheriff Steve Cox