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Meet Deputy Terry Wilson



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Deputy Terry Wilson


Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox wants our community and staff to know each other better and understand we are people who are here to help you and your family.

This month we are spotlighting Deputy Terry Wilson who has been with our office since December 2018.  Deputy Wilson is a very nice man and does an excellent job for our office and the citizens of this county.  Deputy Wilson has several areas he specializes in, is an awesome range instructor and gives 110% each shift.  Everyone enjoys working with Terry and we are extremely pleased he is on our TEAM for Livingston County. 

Here are questions and answers:


When and why did you get in Law Enforcement?

December 2018 is when I started my career in Law Enforcement. I served my country for over 20 years. So I thought I could return home and serve my community where I was born and raised.


What caused you to lean toward being a deputy sheriff versus a municipal police officer or a state trooper?

I don't look good in blue.


What is different about being a deputy sheriff as compared to a police officer or state trooper?

There is not a lot that is different from our jobs. We are all out for one thing and that is to make our little piece of the pie safe for everyone to live in.


Please tell us about what you do as a Deputy for the LCSO?

Bailiff at the Courthouse, service of all legal documents, road patrol, Investigate illegal activity throughout the county, OC (Pepper Spray) Instructor, Firearms Instructor, K9 Decoy.


Would you please share some things which you have been really proud of during your career?

I'm proud to be able to help people on a day to day basis.


How do you deal with the excessive stress of the job?

Going to the gym and spending time with friends and family.


What are some fun things with your job?

Visiting the schools.


If you could do one thing to make things different in society, what would that be?

Make it were everyone can get along and stop drug addiction.


Do you have any advice for anyone considering a law enforcement career?

It is a hard job to do. It is long hours and you will see things that you may never forget. You have to be there for the community day in and day out. Because they count on you for help in their time of need.


What kind of goals do you have?

My goal is to be the best Deputy that I can.


Regarding work related training, is there an area or class which really stands out as your favorite? If so, can you share that with us and why?

The three gun range instructor class I just finish. Because I can train my fellow deputy's to handle their weapons safely and shoot their weapon so in the case of an emergency they will be able to hit their target or stop the threat that is happening at that time.


Care to share the least favorite part of your job?

Having to take the same people over and over back to jail.


What are some of the biggest criminal issues you see in and around Livingston County?

Drug use and distribution.


Any plans in your future you want to share?

I'm am planning to stay a Deputy Sheriff until I can retire. Then I will work on my little farm afterwards.


Any closing comments?

My only regret is that I didn't start this job sooner.


May your family have a Happy Thanksgiving, travel safely and know we will be here should you need us.



Sheriff Steve Cox