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Meet Deputy Sheriff Taylor West



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Deputy Sheriff Taylor West


This month the Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) is spotlighting Deputy Sheriff Taylor West in effort for the public to better know our officers who are serving the citizens and community.

Deputy West is an amazing person, she has been with us less than 1 year and we are extremely pleased to have Taylor on our TEAM.   Ms. West excels in criminal investigation and enforcement projects, is excellent in communicating with people and requires minimal supervision all which makes her an outstanding employee.

Here are some questions and answers with Deputy West:


When and why did you get in Law Enforcement?

-I started my law enforcement career in December of 2019. I wanted to become a Law Enforcement Officer because I liked that there would always be a variety of job duties that would allow me to help others in different ways. After one ride along, I knew this would be a lifelong career of many ups and downs, but something that would make me proud.


What caused you to lean toward being a deputy sheriff versus a municipal police officer or a state trooper?

-In 2019 I started out as a municipal officer, and loved it while working in a larger city. Two years later, I made a move to an area I didn't know, sat down with Sheriff Cox, and wanted to challenge myself with something new and unfamiliar.


What is different about being a deputy sheriff as compared to a municipal police officer or state trooper? 

-The main difference is court duties.


Please tell us about what you do as a Deputy for the LCSO?

-I assist in patrolling, I go out on calls for service, and we check businesses regularly. We also do community services such as going to speak to the schools and even visiting lemonade stands. A typical day also includes wrangling a cow or two.


Would you please share some things which you have been really proud of during your career? 

-One of the biggest things I am proud of is getting narcotics off of the streets. I also pride myself in building and maintaining relationships with the public. It's nice to be able to give everyone a sense that law enforcement is a good thing.


Can we learn some of the more difficult things you have experienced during your career?

-It's never an easy thing to come across a casualty or having to let someone know that their loved one has passed. That is probably the hardest thing. Another thing would have to be that the schedule changes are difficult with family life. Going back and forth from days to nights is hard to constantly adjust to.


How do you deal with the excessive stress of the job?

-I feel like I typically deal with the stress of the job by spending time with my family and going to the gym. It's nice to be able to let things out at the gym before coming home. I also enjoy being outdoors, hunting with my dad, and eating my moms famous green beans (they are my favorite food).


What are some fun things with your job?

-I truly enjoy getting to know the citizens of Livingston County. I have also enjoyed getting to go to the schools and form relationships with the students. During the spring and summer months, a lot of children have lemonade stands. It is always fun to stop by those and visit with them. Also, driving fast at times is a big perk!


If you could do one thing to make things different in society, what would that be?

-Trying to make a stronger connection between Law Enforcement and the citizens of Livingston County. Also-harsher punishment for repeat criminals.


Do you have any advice for anyone considering a law enforcement career?

-I would tell them to make sure they have a good and stable support system behind them. It's not an easy field to be in, but it's one that's rewarding in many areas. It's a career that has many responsibilities and tasks, but always keeps things interesting.  I would also tell them to stay humble and always remember that we are there to help, not hurt.


What kind of goals do you have? 

-One of my biggest goals I have for myself currently is to keep gaining knowledge and experience so I am able to promote and move up in the ranks. Another goal of mine is to reduce the narcotics in our community to promote a better future.


Regarding work related training, is there an area or class which really stands out as your favorite?  If so, can you share that with us and why?

-Any type of hands on training is my favorite training. I can say I don't honestly enjoy computer trainings. I like ones where we can interact or actually get to do something hands on. I have also enjoyed being able to work with K9s. After you get past the first bite, it isn't so bad!


Care to share the least favorite part of your job?

-One of my least favorite things about my job is seeing narcotics making its way into the younger generation.


What are some of the biggest criminal issues you see in and around Livingston County?

-The biggest criminal issues that I have seen around here is theft. Such as stolen vehicles, financials, and equipment, unfortunately that's a really common thing around here. The other big thing would definitely have to be the narcotics. Though these crimes are very different, they both still have a large impact on hard working citizens of Livingston County.


Does Livingston County and the State of Missouri have the resources available for both law enforcement and citizens?

-For citizens, I think a large downfall to Missouri, specifically Livingston County is the limited access that people have to mental health resources.

Please explain:

Mental health is something that should be taken seriously, just as serious as one's physical health.

Thank you for reading this article and for supporting the Livingston County Sheriff's Office.  Next month we will spotlight Deputy Sheriff Adam Wynne.

Be safe,

Sheriff Steve Cox