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Spotlight on Deputy Adam Wynne


Wynne, Adam deputy photo Dec 2022

One goal for the Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) is to get the public more acquainted with our staff or to humanize the badge and eliminate any misunderstandings about law enforcement.  In doing so we are now placing Deputy Adam Wynne in the "Spotlight". 

Here are some questions and answers with Deputy Wynne:

When and why did you get in Law Enforcement?

I started my career in Law Enforcement in July of 2022. I have always wanted to be in this career field and believe that I can have a positive impact on the citizens the communities within our county.

What caused you to lean toward being a deputy sheriff versus a municipal police officer or a state trooper?

I like being a Deputy Sheriff because of the area we have to cover. I enjoy being able to get out into the small communities that generally don't get to see much Law Enforcement and interact with the citizens.

What is different about being a deputy sheriff as compared to a municipal police officer or state trooper? 

The main differences are court duties and paper services. Other than those we pretty much get the best of all different types of Law enforcement.

Please tell us about what you do as a Deputy for the LCSO?

My main duties as a Deputy Sheriff is court security when needed, paper service, responding to calls for service, responding emergencies, traffic enforcement and interacting with the citizens of our county to build a better bond between them and Law Enforcement.

Would you please share some things which you have been really proud of during your career? 

I have not been in this career field very long but one thing I am proud of is completing the Law Enforcement Academy. I am also proud to say that I have gotten to meet a lot of great citizens in Livingston County!

Can we learn some of the more difficult things you have experienced during your career?

One of the most difficult things that I have learned so far is how to change how you talk to certain people to match the environment you are in.

How do you deal with the excessive stress of the job?

To deal with the stresses of this job I enjoy days with my family and getting to play outside with my kids!

What are some fun things with your job?

Of course getting to drive fast at certain times is fun! I also really enjoy getting to meet people from different types of life and different backgrounds.

If you could do one thing to make things different in society, what would that be?

Solve every child abuse / neglect / any crime against a child.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering a law enforcement career?

My advice to everyone wanting to join this field is to make sure it is what you really want to do and work hard to achieve it! This field is not for everyone and it is something that isn't just an "I'll try it for a little while" kind of career.

What kind of goals do you have? 

My main goal is to be the best Deputy I can be. I want to make a positive impact on everyone I encounter whether it's in a good situation or a bad one.

Regarding work related training, is there an area or class which really stands out as your favorite?  If so, can you share that with us and why?

I am really enjoyed going to EVOC - Emergency vehicle operations course in Jefferson City earlier this month! This course is designed to greatly improve your driving skills to make it safer for everyone.

Care to share the least favorite part of your job?

I would say my least favorite part is standing in court.

What are some of the biggest criminal issues you see in and around Livingston County?

Livingston County seems to have a lot of drugs in it.

Does Livingston County and the State of Missouri have the resources available for both law enforcement and citizens?

Yes and no.

Please explain:

Mental health is a huge issue in this state and Missouri struggles with getting people the care that they need for this type of thing.

We hope you get an unofficial opportunity to meet Adam.  We are very proud to have Adam on our TEAM and appreciate his positive work ethic and performance in his short time with our organization.

Sheriff Steve Cox