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LCSO Hosted Training for LEO's


On Monday, June 12, 2023 the Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) hosted 6 hours of POST certified training for law enforcement officers here in Chillicothe. We were able to utilize the training room at the Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services for this.

LCSO had Victoria Fogarty who is a retired 30-year law enforcement officer veteran with extensive history and training gave the presentations being a 3-hour class on Child Sexual Abuse and 3 hours on Interview and Interrogation which spotlighted an overview of a successful homicide investigation. Training included interaction with a survivor of child sexual assault and the insight that person had on how law enforcement officers can build trust and do our jobs better.

Over 20 law enforcement officers from area agencies signed up to attend. Missouri requires peace officers to receive a minimum of 24 hours annual training in specific areas.

We want to thank all who attended, the sexual assault survivor and Ms. Fogarty for amazing training and education!

Sheriff Steve Cox

Victoria Fogarty Giving Training Presentation Training included interaction with an assault survivor