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Meth Drug Distribution Case in Livingston County Courthouse



On Wednesday, November 08, 2023 the Livingston County Sheriff's Office had multiple detainees arrive to appear for Associate Circuit Court.  Detention/Transport Officer Karen Claycomb was moving a few detainees in the courthouse to the courtroom and witnessed a female detainee pass something to a male detainee.  The male detainee was then reluctant in showing what was now in his possession.  Deputy Terry Wilson quickly assisted and LCSO staff removed a baggie from the detainee's hand and it was found to contain methamphetamine.  The evidence was confiscated.

Both detainees were initially scheduled to get released either on bond or to attend drug treatment yesterday.  After informing the prosecuting attorney of what happened neither person was allowed to be released from custody.  Suspect was uncooperative with law enforcement about the methamphetamine.

If you think about this situation it is extremely uncommon for a detainee to earn a drug distribution case while in custody, in restraints, and in a courthouse to appear before the judge on an active drug charge.  Reports are being submitted to the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney for consideration.

Great job by Detention/Transport Officer Karen Claycomb and Deputy Terry Wilson.

(Names have not been shared at the present time as no official arrest has taken place.  Once we obtain an arrest warrant or make an arrest we will update this press release.)


Sheriff Steve Cox