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Tax Time and Tips for Quick Access to Courthouse


It is property and real estate tax time for people in Livingston County.  Our deputy working security for the courthouse has noticed several people being frustrated with requirements to enter the courthouse building.  Options to make your trip to the courthouse quicker and easy would be to leave any bags or purses in your vehicle. Lockers are available to those in need inside the front north door.  Bring your checkbook, pocket book or wallet in with you to pay your taxes.  Leave pocket knives, tools, excessive amounts of change and unnecessary items in your vehicle.

You also have the option to leave your taxes in the drop box located outside the north door of the building, mail in your taxes or pay online.

We have a deputy working the security station per court order and we must treat everyone the same with items permitted into the building.  We appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding.  The safety is for you and every person and employee in the courthouse.

Thank you very much.

Sheriff Steve Cox