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Excessive Speed Leads to Arrest and More


On 11/14/2023, at around 5:00 AM, Deputy West was conducting traffic enforcement on Missouri Highway 190 near LIV 239 when she observed a passenger vehicle traveling at an extremely high rate of speed Westbound. Utilizing our in-car radar units, Deputy West checked this vehicle at 82 MPH in a marked 35 MPH zone. This led to the arrest of a Chillicothe resident for the excessive speed AND a pending charge for endangering the welfare of a child as the driver was also transporting an infant in the back seat. The driver was cited and released pending further formal charges.

This incident could've resulted in so much more than a citation and additional charge considering the added dangers of limited visibility in the early morning hours, increased deer movement and the curves and hills that exist on Highway 190.

The L.C.S.O. strives to ensure the safety of everyone who travels the roadways in Livingston County and wish for everyone to arrive at their destinations safely.    -Sgt. Woelfle