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Training Bulletin 2/8/24


Training Bulletin

Sergeant Woelfle attended Federal Asset Forfeiture Training for State and Local Agencies on January 31st, 2024 in Platte County, Missouri. Trainers included members of several federal agencies including the F.B.I., I.R.S. and the D.O.J. among others. This training session provided a solid foundation for knowledge to further Sergeant Woelfle's understanding when it comes to asset forfeiture laws and requirements.

This is often a very controversial and misunderstood concept from the public's perspective due to misinformation and media portrayals. In reality, there are many requirements which must be meant from a legal perspective to even consider forfeiture of property at state and federal levels. In Missouri, assets seized through forfeiture require a guilty plea or a conviction AND proceeds are 100% used for school funding.

The L.C.S.O. seldom encounters circumstances in which asset forfeiture would become a consideration but we are better prepared to handle those circumstances from Sgt. Woelfle's training.