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Special Release


Special Release

On 2/7/2024, the Livingston County Sheriff's Office was made aware that one of the turkeys frequenting the area of LIV 228 and U.S. Highway 65 had been intentionally struck by a speeding vehicle.  A brief investigation was conducted resulting in a 28-year-old male from Chillicothe being cited for several violations from the Missouri Department of Conservation and the L.C.S.O.

Citations/Charges are as follows:

Take, Attempt to Take, Or Possess Turkey During Closed Season

Take, Attempt to Take, Or Pursue Wildlife from Or with A Motor Driven Air, Land, Or Water Conveyance

Operate Motor Vehicle in A Careless and Imprudent Manner

Failed To Drive on Right Half of Roadway When Roadway Was of Sufficient Width

We would like to thank all of the concerned citizens who provided helpful information in this incident.

-Sgt. Woelfle