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End of Year Report part 3



The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) is completing a 3 part series of End of Year Report to the citizens and media of the activities in our office for 2017:

Item                                        2017                2016                2015                2014

Dispatched Calls for Service:     4,579               N/A                  4,537               N/A

Incoming Telephone Calls-

Answered at LCSO:                  19,560             18,345             N/A                  N/A

Outgoing Telephone Calls-

From LCSO:                             7,027               6,665               N/A                  N/A


Notable Budget Totals as Compared to Actual Expenditures in 2017:


Sheriff Office Budget for Salaries, Employment Costs, Insurance and other Fringe Benefits:

Budgeted = $490,175         Expenditures = $476,917        Under Budget for County: $13,258

Sheriff Jail Budget:

Budgeted = $460,000         Expenditures = $294,725        Under Budget for County: $165,275

Law Enforcement Training Budget:

Budgeted = $6,000             Expenditures = $3,170            Under Budget for County: $2,830


Law Enforcement Sales Tax Budget for Sheriff’s Office:

  1. This includes a transfer of $87,338 to County Revenue for Salaries and Fringe Benefits.
  2. Expenditures of Ballistic Vests of $5,329 which half was refunded by Federal Grant.
  3. Transfer to County Revenue-Board of Prisoners of $25,628.
  4. Contract with City of Chillicothe supporting E-911/Dispatching Services of $91,346.

Budgeted = $451,048         Expenditures = $424,469        Under Budget for County: $26,579

Civil Fees Budget:

Budgeted = 23,000             Expenditures = $16,002          Under Budget for County: $6,998

CCW Budget:

Budgeted = $3,867             Expenditures = $1,257            Under Budget for County: $2,610

Inmate Security Budget:

Budgeted = $13,000           Expenditures = $12,012          Under Budget for County: $988


The LCSO operated under every budget for 2017 for a total budget savings of: $218,538.


Interesting line items in our 2017 expenditures report:

Fuel: $19,737.13

Extraditions: $11,732.78

Telephone: $6,153.27

Utilities: $8,488.58

(Source for above information was in Budget/Revenues Report for 2017 from County Clerk’s Office.)



  1. To maintain and provide a well-equipped and trained staff to provide you with the best “sheriffs’ office” in North Missouri.
  2. Continue to aggressively investigate criminal violations, especially crimes against persons of all ages.
  3. Increase the number of public service events and programs for the community.
  4. Train LCSO staff on Critical Incident Training for intervention when mental health issues exist. This may also reduce crimes and lower our jail population while providing a better service to many.
  5. Schedule additional activities and training with area law enforcement agencies.

Please call should you have any questions, concerns, or comments.



Sheriff Steve Cox





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