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Archive: June 2015

Consider Joining the Missouri Sheriffs' Association

Take an Active Role in Fighting Crime- Join the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association

Effective crime prevention requires the support of a partnership between the sheriff’s office and the community.

The MSA is a non-profit organization with a mission to support the office of sheriff and the Constitution through legislative efforts, training and technical assistance. Everyone is eligible – you don’t have to be in law enforcement to join. In fact, 90 percent of all members are businesses owners or non-law enforcement residents of the community who want to do what they can to support their local law enforcement.

Membership fees are used for a variety of projects.

Sheriffs are mandated to have at least 20 hours of classroom instruction each calendar year relating to the operations of the sheriff's office. The MSA, in place since 1945, helps them accomplish that by annually offering training conferences and seminars that focus on a wide range of topics – everything from how to make schools safer to how to reduce jail liability. The MSA also offers training for jail administrators, chief deputies and other personnel who work in those offices, regularly holding seminars, both online and in classrooms.

The MSA operates a premier law enforcement training academy with satellite offices in 13 different locations throughout the state. As a full service, state-licensed training academy, Missouri Sheriffs’ Association Training Academy offers basic peace officer training, continuing education and grant-funded training, graduating more than 31,000 Missouri peace officers in the past four years and again ranking No. 1 in the state as to total number of basic academy graduates per year for the fourth year in a row. Each year, the MSA provides $1,000 scholarships to 16 college-bound Missouri high school seniors who intend to pursue a criminal justice career and who will be attending a Missouri college or university.

Need more reasons to join? The MSA has the only statewide crime victims unit that serves victims in every county throughout the state. To date, advocates have served more than 600 victims, helping them and their families deal with the after-effects of violent crime, including accompanying them to court and finding needed resources.

The MSA is also strongly involved in monitoring legislation and then acting as a voice for the sheriffs when bills are introduced that will affect their office and the communities they serve. The MSA helped fight – and win – the battle to keep individuals’ personal information confidential when applying for a concealed carry permit. The association also keeps sheriffs up to date with the latest research and technology, writing grants that will allow them to purchase products and systems needed to provide effective law enforcement.

Honorary members receive membership cards for their wallets, decals for their vehicles and copies of The Missouri Sheriff magazine, all for just $25.00. As a $50.00 business member they also receive a plaque to display in their businesses. Business owners who want to further support their local sheriffs can advertise in the MSA magazine, the only one of its kind dedicated to the office of sheriff.

If you value honesty, hard work and personal responsibility, core values adopted by the MSA, take action now. Become a member today!

For more information visit the MSA website at or click HERE for MSA brochure and Membership or HERE for History Book Information and Membership.

Apprehended Fugitive now in Federal Court

Interesting article in the St. Joseph News Press on the Iowa fugitive apprehended here in January at Poosey Park near the Panthers Den.  Appears Mr. Graham is headed to Federal Court instead of Court in the State of Iowa.  These Federal charges carry a potentially more significant sentence.

Typically State Courts withdraw any charges they have when a case is handed over to the U.S. Attorney for Federal prosecution.

Viewpoint from Crime Victim

Recently we had a visit from Ms. Gayle Darrah from Iowa and Ms. Brittany Tutt of the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune covered the above linked story.
Be safe,
Steve Cox