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Archive: August 2015

Sheriff Cox receives training at Missouri Sheriffs' Conference

 missouri sheriffs association


Sheriff Steve Cox recently attended training at the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association 70th Summer Conference. All of the 114 elected Missouri Sheriffs were in attendance at the conference.

Outstanding training was provided by the MSA which included programs on Sovereign Citizens, Street Smart Force-Reducing Violent Encounters, Sex Offender Compliance, ISIL and Homegrown Violent Extremists, School Bus Tragedy in Alabama, School Bus Safety, Budgets, Financial Crimes Investigations, Missouri Sunshine Law, Police Communications & Interoperability, Juvenile Justice and Procedures, and Charge Code/LIVE Scan Updates.

Sheriff Cox was appointed to the Missouri Sheriffs Association Training Committee Sheriff Cox was also placed on the Missouri Victims Assistance Network (MOVANS) committee.

North Central Missouri and 3rd class Counties are well represented with the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association. Congrats to Grundy County Sheriff Rodney Herring who was sworn in as the MSA 2015 President and to Caldwell County Sheriff Jerry Galloway on being elected to the MSA Executive Board and sworn in as Sergeant-At-Arms.